15th of February 2019 02:01 PM Link
I still prefer the greater Jacksonville area... what about you??
16th of January 2019 10:41 AM Link
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5th of January 2019 08:42 AM Link
How the government shut down affects real estate!!
13th of December 2018 10:24 AM Link
Great ideas from 2018...which one do you like the best?
2nd of November 2018 02:34 PM Link
https://everybodyisfor2.com/ This is one tax cap that is good for everyone, especially those living in low income housing.
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14th of March 2018 11:20 PM Link
Beautiful ... close to the beach .. great deal!! Call me for a viewing!!
20th of June 2017 05:52 PM Link
The décor behind this double vanity is made from 400 drinking glasses. There are so many ways you could get creative when decorating your new home!
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