6 Ways to Save by Going Green at Home

There are many benefits to going green. You help the environment, protect the planet for future generations, and – let’s face it – you can save money on energy costs and a variety of other household expenses. By changing just … Continue reading →

So You Want to Buy a House? Step 7: Nail the Appraisal

You’ve found the house you love, put in a good offer, and it was accepted! Time to break out the Dom Pérignon White Gold? Sorry, not yet. If you’ve applied for a mortgage, your home-to-be still has to undergo a comprehensive appraisal … Continue reading →

So You Want To Sell Your Home? Step 6: Strike the Right Deal

  Once your home is finally on the market and listed, it’s showtime. Will you be deluged with offers, or will your home be pervaded by the lulling but ever-so-unnerving sound of crickets? And if you do get just one … Continue reading →

The Most Common Questions Asked by Home Buyers–Answered!

Buying a home is thrilling, scary, sometimes weird, often epic, and never dull. You’re ponying up a huge wad of cash for a place you’ll inhabit hopefully for years to come. As such, you’re bound to have a lot of questions throughout every … Continue reading →

Is It Better To Sell Your Home in Spring or Fall?

This began as a forum discussion, but is worthy of publishing.  The original question is the title:  Is it better to sell your home in spring or fall?  See the thoughts on this, the pro’s and con’s below. Reply 1:  … Continue reading →

So You Want to Buy a House? Step 6: Perfect the Art of the Offer

  We’ll get right down to it: Shopping for a home is fun. But once you find “The One,” things start to get real—real fast. Think of making an offer on a home as setting the roller coaster in motion: You might … Continue reading →

9 Telltale Signs Your Home Is Hopelessly Outdated (and How to Fix It!)

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Why Home Buying Is (or Isn’t) Like Dating

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What People Say About Your Home When You’re Not There

  If you’re putting your home on market, you’re probably dying to know what home buyers will have to say as they tour your property. While you hope there’ll be nothing but oohs and aahs, that’s not always the case. Just … Continue reading →

What’s the Deal with Flipped Homes?

Americans love their home improvement and design shows.  With entire channels dedicated to DIY, home decor and design, and everything related to U.S. real estate, we love the possibilities that lie within the real estate market in America. One popular … Continue reading →