October 2015 Sales Stats*

*Reflects combined results for single-family residential and condo properties. A few quick highlights as we head to the end of 2015: 2,014 closed sales.  This is a little less than a year ago, but closing in on the high point … Continue reading →

Need To Know–Appraisals

You listed your house, and it sold!  Now it’s time for the appraisal, and you may be a little nervous.  After all, will the appraiser see the lovely added touches?  Will they notice the new flooring, or the room with … Continue reading →

Mortgage Tip. New Job-Good News or Bad News

Ready to buy a new home?  But faced with a potential job change?  Don’t give up yet!  Sometimes an unexpected job change is for the better, and here’s why… If the new job is in the same field as the … Continue reading →

What Not To Do….With a Kitchen Remodel

It’s that time of year.  Too cold (in some places) to go outside, too rainy (in other places), or simply to humid (like my hometown in Florida!), and we start to look at our homes to see what we can … Continue reading →

My Home Isn’t Selling! What Now?

A move is required, for whatever reason, and you’ve put your house on the market.  You interviewed multiple real estate agents, asked all the right questions, yet the house is not selling.  Now what?!? As a real estate professional I … Continue reading →

Home Lost Due to Hardship? Ready to Buy Again? Read on!

In 2006, when real estate began its decline, and the economy went south, millions lost their homes.  As time goes on, and the memory fades, many decide it’s time to get back into a home of their own. If this … Continue reading →

Buying? Selling? We’ve got you covered!

Welcome to Salus Realty.  Your full time, full service, source for real estate! With over 23 years experience Salus Realty offers customers peace of mind, security that their purchase or sale is in good hands, and exceptional customer service. Located centrally … Continue reading →