8 Critical Things to Do Before Buying a Home: How Many Have You Done?

So you’re finally ready to get serious and buy a house—chalk it up to the amazing spring weather, or maybe a precious bun baking in the oven, or that much anticipated promotion at work. Whatever the reason, you feel primed to start … Continue reading →

The Lowdown on How Comps Can Drag Down Your List Price

We’ve all had that crazily obsessive-compulsive neighbor who keeps his property in pristine, showroom condition, keeps a stern eye on the whole street, and never hesitates to walk over and scold you about your broken shutters while you’re trying to drag groceries in … Continue reading →

Can You Get a Home Loan Without a Full-Time Job?

When Joy and Bryant Wingfield started shopping for a mortgage in 2011, they were turned down left and right. The reason? Bryant didn’t have a full-time job, working sporadically as a guard for a security company. “One week, he’d freelance for them, and … Continue reading →

Realtors Reveal: The Craziest Things Buyers Have Done to Score Homes

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The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing Your Home

It’ll probably creep up on you; one day, you may wake up and feel like your home is just too dang big. Maybe your kids have abandoned their bedrooms to jet off to college, or your aching back can’t handle raking up those fall … Continue reading →

7 Life-Saving Tools Every New Homeowner Needs

Homes are like high-maintenance relationships: They demand a ton of upkeep to keep from falling apart. And that’s why the right tools are absolutely essential to a homeowner. While you shouldn’t rush to throw away your hammer or monkey wrench, today’s … Continue reading →

Sneaky Ways to Check for Problems in a Home Before You Buy

Savvy home buyers know that when they’re checking out a house, they should kick the tires—or maybe the floorboards, bathtubs, and walkways—to ensure everything is in working order and they don’t end up with a housing lemon. Sure, you’ve probably heard … Continue reading →

Realtors Reveal: ‘The Hardest Home I Ever Had to Sell’

You hear how hot the market is, and how there aren’t enough homes for sale. So selling your house should be a snap, right? Right? Well, not always. Even in the fastest-moving, most in-demand areas, certain homes—for whatever reason—just sit … and … Continue reading →

The Surprising Thing These Recession-Proof Neighborhoods Have in Common

  It may seem obvious why some areas were hit harder than others when the housing bubble burst. Sure, many markets were more saturated with subprime mortgages — particularly those in the Sun Belt — but there’s another layer to this onion … Continue reading →

How to Survive a Buyer’s Market: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Selling your home in a buyer’s market may bring traumatic flashbacks of a high school dance: No matter how much you pretty up, you may find yourself sitting alone on the gym bleachers, largely ignored. Don’t take it personally—when there … Continue reading →